Current and Recent Projects

For Hannah
For Hannah just had its premiere in the Christmas of 2021, and is now available for streaming at Amazon Prime. Bruce Spielbauer received three wins at film festivals -- for "Best Supporting Actor" in this film. Bruce has a major supporting role -- Sheriff Cooper.
Without Grace
Without Grace is an unusual, faith-based film. Bruce plays a homeless man, and a veteran -- The Drifter. This mysterious figure keeps appearing -- with advice for a grieving man. This movie is now streaming on most major platforms.
Misadventures of Mistress Maneater
The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater is now streaming on nearly every major platform, and it is getting rave reviews. Bruce plays Frank, a regular patron of the "mistress."
Every 21 Seconds tells of a happy, loving, man who is brutally attacked -- and nearly dies -- and suffers a severe head injury. This is an intense and dramatic film that tells of the aftermath of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Bruce plays a doctor, testifying on the witness stand in a thrilling climactic conclusion.
Market Value
MARKET VALUE was inspired by headlines, and by real life. This powerful drama deals with family secrets, and lies, and deception. A courtroom thriller -- Bruce plays prosecuting attorney Richard Allen. For more about this film, visit the IMDB page here.
The Pale Man
The Pale Man is a mystery and a thriller. Bruce appears in the title role in this movie, which is full of surprises. Status: Now available, streaming. This dark film takes its inspiration from a short story, with a nod to Alfred Hitchcock.
The Things We've Seen
Set in a small town, The Things We've Seen tells the story of a man who may have been falsely accused of arson, after the town's local mill burns to the ground. Rayford organizes an armed resistance to defend his name against Sheriff Pascal. Bruce plays Lemmy -- a man who is willing to die for the town's local mill. To read more about this terrific movie, visit here.