FAQs -- Bruce Spielbauer

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What is Bruce's middle name?
Better not tell you now.

Is it true that Bruce Spielbauer always thinks about Jambalaya when he is acting?
Reply hazy -- try again.

So which is it -- boxers? Or briefs? C'mon. Tell the truth.
It is decidedly so.

That's not an answer. Which is it? C'mon, fess up. And, is it true that you have a third nipple?
Better not tell you now.

Okay, I think I've played this silly game before. Hmmm. Are you animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Signs point to yes.


Arrrgh! Okay, now I know it's a silly game. With random answers. That's it -- I quit -- Outta here. Where is that damn "back" button?
No problem. But now you'll never find out about that third nipple...

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