Upcoming Projects

Private Screening
Private Screening is an unusual, quirky comedy. Bruce plays a film producer, Barry Sellers. This film is now completed, and will have its premiere in the next two months -- very soon.
Never Stop Talking
Never Stop Talking is a comedy set in a radio station which is about to be forced to shut down. It is a full-length movie which was 100% improvised. STATUS: -- coming soon. For further details, click here. The IMDB Page can be found here.
You're Out!
You're Out! has now finished shooting, and is now in post-production. Set to premiere sometime in late 2022. Bruce plays Wilson, a quirky jack-of-all trades who turns out to be an airplane pilot.
Imago is a movie that reveals the truth behind the ugly world of sex-trafficking. Bruce plays a supporting role, a psychiatrist to the male lead. This movie has just been completed, and is set to premiere in 2022.