The following are brief comments from directors, producers, and actors that have worked with Bruce.
Body in a Dumpster Director Kristian Day
Bruce Spielbauer brought to life one of the most wretched and confused characters in my film Body in a Dumpster. He did what no one else could have done with him. He spent months preparing for the shoot and it blew me away. His image as a priest has carried over into other films.
-Kristian Day, Director (Body in a Dumpster, Templeton Rye). IMDB
Actor Walt Sloan Actor Walt Sloan
I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce Spielbauer on several film projects. I've seen him excel in roles ranging from the horrifically deranged to the sympathetic victim of circumstance. He has a wonderful knack for making just about any character memorable. He is a consummate professional, well-versed in his craft, known for going beyond the call in helping fellow actors. I always smile big when I learn I'll be working on another project with Bruce.
-Walt Sloan, Actor (Day 1, Return to the Hiding Place). IMDB
Actor Walt Sloan Director Matt Massaro
Bruce is as consistent and reliable as they come. Always brings the utmost honesty, integrity and intensity to every character he plays. Bruce works very well with others on set, his professionalism and dedication is contagious.
-Matt Massaro, Director (Rock Hero - A TV Pilot). IMDB
Kyle Richards Director Kyle Richards
I have worked with Bruce on three projects now and have always been incredibly pleased with his professionalism, patience, and commitment to knowing and bringing his roles to life. Despite the circumstances of our shoots together - the middle of the night on both the southside of Chicago and the deep backwoods of Wisconsin -- Bruce consistently remained easy-going, without complaint, and very open to direction. I can't think of very many other actors that I have had such an enjoyable and easy time working with.

-Kyle Richards, Director (The Amateur Monster Movie, The Wayward Sun).
Producer Kevin Gentilcore Producer Kevin Gentilcore
Bruce's power as an actor and a person overwhelmed me every minute we were together. His on screen performance managed to scare me to the core -- while off set he managed to be one of the nicest, friendliest and most interesting people I have ever had the good fortune of working with. He comes highly recommended and by hiring Bruce you will not regret it.
-Kevin Gentilcore, Producer (Body in a Dumpster). IMDB
Actor Walt Sloan Director Jason Williams
Bruce is an invaluable asset to a production. I have worked with him three times. He shows up prepared to perform his role and is flexible, very versatile, and incredibly talented.
-Jason Williams, Director (New Day). IMDB
Actor Walt Sloan Actor Larry Laverty
A couple of years ago, I traveled from my home in California to Iowa to work as part of the cast of an independent film. When I was dropped off at the hotel, I was told that my roommate would be an actor out of Chicago by the name of Bruce Spielbauer. That was my great fortune! During our days together, we talked and talked about life in all its many facets and I left Iowa knowing that I had a friend that I'd have 'til the end. I admire beyond words the dedication that Bruce has to the projects he works on and the people he works with. He's an outstanding human being and I'm grateful for the opportunity we had to work together and for his friendship that I'll value the rest of my life.
-Larry Laverty, Actor (Body In A Dumpster, The Hamiltons). IMDB